5 Reasons to Study Abroad in Santiago, Chile

Santiago is a dynamic and cosmopolitan capital of Chile. It is a thriving city with lots to do and see. But did you know it is also one of the best cities to spend a study abroad semester? Here are some reasons why.

1. Universities

Santiago has some of the top universities in Latin America that have great global exchange programs. Pontifica University Católica de Chile, Universidad de Chile, and Universidad Tecnica Federico Santa Maria are some of the most prestigious universities.

2. Career opportunities

Santiago is a growing business hub of its country. There are numerous multinational and tech companies established in the city that are looking for English speakers. Working in Santiago will be a great opportunity to gain global work experience and a different perspective in your career field of interest.

Sky costanera view in Santiago

3. Safety

Chile is known to be the safest country in Latin America. Santiago has a low crime rate and is safe, in general, for walking around. You will just have to be smart about it and don’t leave your bags unattended.

4. Landscapes

Since Santiago is located between the Andes Mountains and the coast, you can ski the slopes and surf in the ocean on the same day. You can also see the gorgeous view of the Andes wherever you are. When you get tired of Santiago’s city life, you can go explore the deserts, forests, lakes, volcanoes, and coastlines of Chile.

View of the mountains from the city

5. Emerging Metropolis

This evolving capital has emerging artists, delicious food trucks, and exciting nightlife. Santiago has some of Chile’s best museums and notable architecture. Plus, you will be able to find cheap, good-quality wine wherever you go.

Venice Fries, Santiago

The Latino nightlife, international festivals, beautiful parks, and diverse restaurants are more aspects to highlight about the city. Study abroad in Santiago next Spring to experience all of this firsthand and tell us what we’ve missed!

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